Boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle and moving column (floor type), designed for machining heavy work pieces of large and very large dimensions, through boring, milling, drilling and tapping operations. Work pieces are set on floor plates or rotary moving tables. Their technical features and design solutions along with the high rigidity of the structure parts comply with the most demanding requirements in terms of productivity and accuracy.

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Spindle diameter mm(in) 130/150(5.1/5.9)
Spindle taper ISO 50(50)
Spindle motor kW(hp) 37/51(50/68)
Spindle speed rpm 5-3000
Ram cross section mm(in) 380x380 (15x15)
X-axis travel mm(in) 4000(157.5)
Y-axis travel mm(in) 2500(98.4)
Z-axis travel mm(in) 800(31.5)
W-axis travel mm(in) 800(31.5)
Feeds X,Y,Z mm/min (in/min) 6-12000 (0.24-472)
W mm/min (in/min) 6-6000 (0.24-236)

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